Oak garden room & Conservatory Design

Designing an oak garden room or conservatory

Most designs include french doors which open onto a paved area and garden beyond. The extensive use of glass creates a close connection to the landscape outside.

Part or fully glazed roofs can increase light levels further but for south facing aspects there is a risk of overheating. For the elevation glazing, anti sun glass can be used where the building is exposed to long periods of direct sun.

With conventional roofs the modern insulation in the warm roof construction is so efficient it will keep the heat out as well as the warmth in. The roof can be supported by an Oak Framed Roof featuring trusses which can be of various designs.

The gable framing is normally fully glazed and its design is in contrast to the internal truss design.

Glazing an Oak Framed Orangery

Glazing an Oak Framed Orangery

The Oak Framed Orangery is normally designed with a glazed lantern on a lead dresses flat roof. This design is very useful where first floor windows restrict the height of the building. The Oak Framed Lantern can be glazed with self cleaning glass and will allow a surprisingly large amount of light in to the building. The aluminium glazing system can be powder coated in a suitable colour as required.