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About Greenwood Oak

Greenwood Oak Architectural Carpentry

We specialise in designing and manufacturing bespoke Oak frames. Over many years of creating frames that serve a wide variety of functions,Greenwood Oak have developed a broad knowledge of the versatility of Oak as a building material. Working with Architects, Structural Engineers and Building Contractors our specialist experience is a result of 15 years in the industry.

Greenwood Oak takes great care with every project to achieve the best possible results for our clients. As you will see form the content of this website our work encompasses a wide range of frame design both traditional and contemporary. Greenwood Oak endeavours to provide practical solutions to client concepts, however ambitious. The Oak frame is an outstandingly practical, sustainable, durable and aesthetically pleasing way to build and its iconic features have followed us through the ages.

Greenwood Oak is based in Cheshire and is happy to discuss proposed projects in the North West England area including: Shropshire,Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cumbria, North Wales and Cheshire.

Please call for a conversation about your proposals.

Architects & Engineers

It is common to be asked to design a feature on a property late in the planning process or even during the build program. This is often at the stage where the engineers have specified large amounts of steel and the Oak is then viewed as a non load bearing feature.

We would be pleased to talk to clients and architects in the early stages of a project to consider the possibilities of an Oak frame as an integral part of the building. Scale drawings are provided with each project.

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