Principal works

Principal works

Oak main frame and link frame for a major extension and renovation of Pen Nebo.


  • To translate the Architects drawings into working carpentry drawings which would accurately detail the joint designs. The trickiest part of the design translation was the link frame.
  • To bring the main frame round to face the best views up the valley – the Architects designed the link with a bend half way down its length, see picture no 7 (link frame laid out in yard).

This created a few challenges in joint design and roof geometry.

Main frame

The main frame was constructed first so that the site between the main frame and the existing property could be surveyed and carefully measured. Greenwood Oak manufacture all the framing at our yard in Cheshire and deliver it to site for assembly.

Specialist Contractor

James Redman and Son a local specialist building contractors assisted in the on site assembly and completed the project after the frame was in place.

Client: Private client from Oxford.
Architect: Dilwyn Roberts Limited.
Date of Construction: July, 2013.
Time to build the frame: 9 days on site.

Bontduu Snowdonia National Park

Construction Timeline

Planning Drawrings

left: Architects elevation right: Greenwood Oak’s drawing of detailed carpentry design

Bontddu Architects Drawings
Bontduu Front Elevation Sketch