Whitworth Art Gallery Community garden building

Greenwood Oak was asked by the Whitworth Art Gallery in conjunction with the University of Manchester to to design and manufacture this building. The design brief was to create a focal point for people using the community garden facility which is like a small allotment. The building needed to provide a versatile open shelter to be used as an outdoor class room, social meeting place and for gardeners escaping the inevitable Manchester rain.

The structural design is strengthened by 12 post and 24 braces to keep the building rigid. The roof design creates strength by bracing the main hip rafters with jack rafters. The roof is finished with Red Wester Cedar shingles. These are very light yet strong and have a life span of over 30 years.

The whole building is standing on sand stone saddle stones that are tied down in each corner to prevent up-lift. We are very proud to have our work in the Whitworth Park and hope it provides many years of service for the local community.