Bespoke Oak Stable Design

Designing a bespoke oak stable

Stables are a variation on the garage frame theme and can be designed to suite the requirements of equestrian usage. Greenwood Oak is then ready to install the frame, stud work, cladding, and roof joinery.

Oak Roofs

Oak roofs

A specialist roofer can then finish the roof with the desired material such as slate.

From the content of this section it is easy to see the wide variation in roof designs. Full hips, barn or semi hips, and plain gables are the main formats and these can be combined to create a structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing roof.

Oak Cladding

The cladding on a bespoke stable, which is feather edged board can be softwood or Oak.

Design variations

Other design variations include internal partitions which can create office or workshop spaces, log/bike stores, and storage areas in the roof space.