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Designing an oak framed building

To extend an existing property is in many ways more challenging than designing a freestanding building. The key to a successful design is complementary contrast. This means the frame is not attempting the mimic the existing frame but complement it.

The use of traditional materials will connect the structures while the design should distinguish the extension from the existing property. Modern materials and methods of employing them can create a striking contrast to traditional elements such as the frame,stonework and lead work.


Glass is a material which transforms the traditional frame. The frame as a method of building which predates the wide usage of glass and as glass became available it was so expensive that small windows were most commonly the only source of light in a building.Today, glass manufacturers have advanced methods of glass production that enables them to produce not only large sizes but highly efficient  gas filled double glazed units. These units are ideal for use in direct glazed frames.

Not only does this glazing increase the light levels in the building but also effects the potential for frame design.

Glass is capable of being used as floors and roofs and can be manufactured to reflect sunlight and repel dirt.

Oak framed features

The Oak frame features are normally designed to be a key to the external and internal structure. These features are fundamental elements of the frame and their appearance reflects their function. These structural elements are often traditional designs which can be seen in building throughout the country for centuries.

Trusses can be designed to complement those in an existing building, these trusses carry the purlins and this all remains open, as does the floor frame which can be seen from the ground floor.

Greenwood Oak has been involved in the design of a number of building extensions which have been Architect lead projects. Our experience of frame design and the building technology which complements it, has helped architects who have Oak frames in the schemes by providing carpentry drawings, Engineering calculations and advice on materials in connection to green oak.

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